Do you need a tiny 3D printed open gun? Of course you do.

Modeled after the soon to be world famous Axiom Ethos. By Axiom Custom Guns near Tampa FL.

Now available in silver and black!

Please note, this is the ONLY model. If you want one that looks EXACTLY like YOUR gun, then buy an Axiom Ethos.

You will not only get a matched set, you'll also shoot the finest open gun you can shoot.

The little bobble guns are approximately 3 1/2" tall with a 2"x2" base.

Indoor use only. Will not withstand the heat of a dashboard!

$10.00 / ea + $5.00 shipping per order.

To order please click the botton below.

You'll be taken to Paypal where you can change quantity and pay securely.


Shipping to contiguous U.S. only.

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